NH Corner @ Crossroads Spring GT 2014

Here are some pictures of our display boards on Friday night after we got a pick up game against LongIslandWarGaming!

I have lots of pictures to post, and Six battle reports from the weekend. It will take me a few days to get everything up, but here are the pics with my display board paling in comparison to Rob’s Skaven and Justin’s Ogres:

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White Lion Progress

These are just about finished. Need gems, a tad more highlighting, and basing. 24 more to go. Ugh.

Books! Not just for reading anymore.

One sessioned my objective markers for crossroads late last night. Nothing crazy and I didn’t spend too much time on them, but I dig them. Seems fitting that my two Tzeentch heralds would send out an army over a few floating books:

Some Nerdhammer.net news. Helmut has been working on some improvements to the back end of our little corner of the internet and we are starting to take our “brand” a bit more seriously. He will explain more on the technical side of things once he has everything in order. We are also looking into some plans to expand and increase traffic and bring more warhammer content to our viewers. There is much in the works here at nerdhammer and 2014 will be a great year. We all have been doing considerable amounts of networking in our Northeast region of fantasy players. I’ve met some excellent people and we are really going to ramp up our site, expand to facebook and twitter, and possibly take the NH off my personal youtube channel and create one specifically for NH. There’s also something special on the drawing board that should get you all excited, but…I may have said too much for now. Look for more great things from NH coming soon!

Circa Spring 2012.

Just came across these pics on my computer. This was long before I decided to take pics for battle reports, awww the lizzies, I kind of miss these guys and, of course, I miss that jerk controlling the Ogres:

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Speed Daemons

Crossroads GT is only a few days away and I’m tying up some loose ends. At Crossroads, any unit that hits the table has to be painted. Yep, that means VC players with 1,000,000 zombies must have them all painted. In my case, anything I grow from lore of Tzeentch. I’m running four nurgling bases and only had three painted. As my motto states, “why paint one, when you can paint five!” ??? Anyway, so I painted up a few extra nurgling bases giving me eight painted in my collection. I am also running four screamers and two horror units with the lore of tzeentch who can grow more screamers. I only have six screamers painted, so why not paint…six more. Neither the nurglings or the screamers take me very long to paint, I pretty much smash them out as quickly as possible. I used the airbrush heavily for two step priming and base coating and rely on washes to bring it all together. Here are the latest edition to the deamons:

Front five are the new ones:

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2500 Point Ogre Kingdoms – Crossroads Comp


Hey everyone, Lengel here. The Nerdhammer crew has been on my back about uploading some pictures of my army. I finally finished painting everything for Crossroads and feel it’s the perfect opportunity to show off some of my work. I only uploaded a few images but I’m hoping to have kas add the rest to the army gallery section of the┬ásite. Enjoy!

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